Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favs

Gosh, I cannot believe it has been such a long time since I have written a blog. I definitely want to write more and I have a number of half-written blogs that I would like to finish and post. I guess it has been pretty full on year and unfortunately my poor, neglected blog has suffered.

Inspired by Lisa’s post on her ‘Friday Favs’ which you can read here, I thought that I could just do my own ‘Friday Favs’ for my second week back at work.

I do not know where to start with these flipping incredible Unicorn Shoes…they are AMAZING!

Finally pulled finger and started reading J.R. Wards books again. I am trying not to buy any books that I can just get out from the library.

How amazing is this Triple Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from Lovely Little Kitchen! Because you know what, breakfast food is an anytime meal!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Returning to Rangitoto

Walking up Rangitoto had been on my list of things to do for a long time. The last time I walked up I was about 12 years old; so 28 years later I finally tackled it again.

I think that the reason it took so long to return to Rangitoto and walk to the summit was fear. I remember how much I moaned the entire way up to the summit and I was absolutely petrified that I would feel the same, that it would be hard and I would inevitably moan.

Well it turns out that when you tell friends that you want to walk up Rangitoto they will ‘lock-in’ a date with you!

Leading up to the 17th January 2016 I really felt a huge sense of trepidation and I really considered backing out. Fortunately for me, I was walking with Mark and our friend Janna and I really think that she knew that there was a possibility that I would try and pull out at the last minute. I did not.

The greatest things from the day were:

  • Reaching the top without much moaning
  • There was no real pressure to get to the summit within a set time frame
  • Having super supportive people to walk with
  • We took the shorter/direct route to the top and then took the longer way down and around Rangitoto
  • Seeing how excited Mark was about walking to the top; he took so many photos

Photo from Janna
It made me sad at how unfit/out of shape I have become and I am trying to get back into the gym again.

Janna suggested that I go back in a year and walk to the summit and see if it is easier and I can do it quicker.

So a huge thank you to Mark and Janna for getting me back there; it only took a few decades!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Going Out with Old Friends

At the end of 2015 I was totally knackered and it was all I could do just to make it through December and Christmas. 

What really got me through was the fact that I was catching up with two of my oldest school friends. We have been friends since we were 14 (so 26 years) and it does not matter how often we see each other, it is like no time has passed.

So we decided that the best way to catch up and reminisce would be to stay the night at an inner-city Auckland hotel. By about 3.30pm we were well into our first bottle of bubbles and with loads of laughs we progressed with our afternoon.

I had to have a nap, and then they woke me up before we were due to go out for dinner. We had dinner at our old favourite ‘Midnight Express’ which never fails to disappoint and we stuck to water with dinner.

Then we walked around Auckland (as one friend has lived in Brisbane for years) and I can say that our city is quite different on a Sunday night when you are sober. Do not go to McDonald’s (sober) down by the bus/train station as that is when the last ferry of the night comes in and it is close to midnight! It is really an eye-opener and I have to say that people need to really keep it classy when they are drinking, as when you are sober and observing people that have been drinking it is really uncomfortable as they say and do some shit that is really awful. Also, gals if you are going to wear short dresses/skirts and they do not pass the 'bend-over' test then wear proper UNDERWEAR!

Catching up with my friends was incredible and I cannot wait to do it again soon.

However, what really just blew my mind was the sheer amount of people (mostly women) throwing some serious hate towards my friends and noticeably passing judgement. I do not know if it is driven out of jealousy or because women are just really hard on other women. I do wonder if I noticed it more because we had stopped drinking fairly early on or I am just hypersensitive when it comes from nasty looks (and comments) from people. Either way, it is not cool!